We Can Organise You is the brainchild of the super organised and super organiser – Maria Burke. With more than 25 years experience at the cutting edge of business, organising the lives of busy professionals, from top Architects to Company Directors, as well as running busy offices and organising not-to-be-missed events, Maria has brought her passion for organisation out of the boardroom and into the homes of busy bodies.

Her energetic, enthusiastic ‘can-do’ attitude is coupled with an ability to work well under pressure and pay close attention to detail. She is also flexible and approachable….no deadline is missed on her watch….no t left uncrossed….no corner left undusted.

Maria worked at the The Lighthouse, Glasgow – Scotland’s National Centre for Architecture and Design, from its inception in 1998 until 2009. She was part of the original management team tasked with helping set up the Trust and her work there saw her take on responsibility for everything from finances, budgeting, administration and property management to liaising with lawyers, accountants, the Board of Directors and ensuring that The Lighthouse office was run as a tight ship.

Her demanding role meant that she had to become proficient in self-management and to that end she set up her own ‘Sort Yourself Out’ workshops which she delivered to people in the creative industries who were setting up their own small businesses. Those highly successful workshops saw the birth of We Can Organise You.

Maria also trained and worked as an Architectural Technician and her interests and hobbies include Glasgow’s architecture, history and running.

We Can Organise You has Disclosure Scotland checks and carries Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurances provided by AXA Insurance.

Client confidentiality is absolutely guaranteed.